why cork?

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Unalome lotus cork and natural rubber yoga mat + 2x unalome lotus cork blocks.

renewable resource.

given that cork is made from the bark of cork oak, no trees are cut down to produce it. Each tree matures for approximately 25 years before its bark can be stripped for the first time. It then takes between 9 to 12 years to fully redevelop, consuming progressively more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere with each successive cycle of bark regeneration. Cork oak can be harvested for most of its lifetime, which averages 200 years.

biodegradable and recyclable.

cork is 100% biodegradable and is easily recycled without producing any toxic residues. Any excess cork granules from production are recovered and mixed with a food-grade adhesive which we then use to fabricate more OGI NEST products.

naturally antimicrobial and non-allergenic.

unlike synthetic exercise mats, which typically act as reservoirs for unwanted micro-organisms, OGI NEST exercise mats have natural antimicrobial properties. These suppress the growth of bacteria and fungi that accompany the buildup of perspiration during physical activity, ultimately preventing unpleasant odors. OGI NEST exercise mats are also non-allergenic because they do not absorb the particles in dust, pollen, and dirt.

combines "feel-good" and practicality.

cork is soft, flexible, and extremely light, with over 50% of its volume being air. As a result of its elasticity, OGI NEST exercise mats can adapt to variations in pressure (such as a shift in body weight) and temperature without sustaining permanent alterations. Thanks to the honeycomb-like cellular structure of cork, OGI NEST exercise mats are highly resistant to abrasion and provide a high-friction surface for proper grip and support. Cork also naturally contains a waxy, rubbery-textured substance called suberin which is released with moisture build-up, creating extra grip during your sweatiest workouts. The combination of these properties means your nest will age gracefully without deteriorating.