become an ogi affiliate.

are you a like-minded, eco-conscious fitness enthusiast with an appreciation for creative illustration?

are you someone who loves to produce and share your own authentic and original media content? 

yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, coaches, influencers,
bloggers and affiliate marketers... this is your time to shine!


sure! But what's in it for me?

  • we'll let you choose any product from our collection to keep and use whenever/wherever you see fit,
  • a starting commission of 5% goes straight into your pocket for every sale made through your referral link or discount code,
  • you become an ogi hero! Family, friends and your followers receive a starting 10% order discount when they use your referral link or discount code at checkout for any OGI NEST product (excluding bundles),
  • you become a proud ambassador of the ogi movement, approaching the eco-conscious fitness life with a damn cool vibe that's never been seen before!
  • you'll receive full support from OGI NEST. We share your content across our social media platforms with full credit,
  • we'll work together to generate not just eye-catching but also educational content that helps both parties engage a strong following.


what do you look for in an ogi affiliate?

  • you must be someone with an appreciation for your own health and for the environment and educating others about these core values,
  • you demonstrate an established, mutual engagement with your audience (beyond your like and follower count),
  • as an ogi ambassador we want you to not only follow, but also engage with and love our brand. There's no point selling something you don't love!
  • you must be comfortable with generating image and video content. You'll be the face of the brand!
  • we don't require you to have an enormous following to get started, we welcome anyone who thinks they fit the bill to come forward and join us in sharing our amazing products!


sound like you? Please fill in the affiliate form so we can get the ball rolling!