bringing high-quality, eco-sustainable cork yoga mats to life by means of unique and illustrative designs.

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  • Susan Clavijo sitting down on elephant cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

    "I am absolutely amazed at the quality. As soon as I began moving on my mat, I didn't have to have sweaty palms or feet to get the grip. It's 4.5mm thick, which is enough to give me comfort, and enough that I know that I can move in all my Pilates and yoga postures safely and comfortably without losing balance."

    - Susan Clavijo | Owner & Teacher | Pilates With Susan

  • Georgia Nankivell laying down on elephant cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

    The main things I love when I'm actually working out on the mat is 1. how cushioned it is, and 2. it's sweat resistant; so whatever style of training that you're doing it's honestly got you covered. I also love that all of our values are aligned... their mats are 100% sustainable cork and eco friendly."

    - Georgia Nankivell | Owner & Trainer | Geo Wellness

  • Sue Arkley performing Warrior 1 alternative on eye mandala cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

    "I highly recommend these beautiful OGI NEST cork yoga mats. Love the smooth tactile feel especially for splits, yet it has grip and support for inversions. The alignment mat allows me to watch my form & the beautiful designs connect me with creativity. Love everything this small business stands for."

    - Sue Arkley | Yoga Influencer | @love_yoga_paint

  • Pandora Hayes holding rolled-up moon serpent cork and natural rubber yoga mat with jute carry strap.

    "I love my OGI mat and want one in every design! It has a smooth cork texture with the perfect amount of padding, and it rolls out flat every time. All products are eco friendly and my favourite part is that they plant a tree for every product ordered then send you the details of your tree's journey!"

    - Pandora Hayes | Owner & Teacher | Queen West Studio

  • Jacqui Buttigieg performing standing bow pose alternative on elephant cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

    "OGI NEST is such an amazing company with so much thought and consideration for their products! Sustainable products are the way of the future and these products are some of the best on the market!! I love the feel of it, it’s so soft but also still allows the perfect grip and is not slippery!!"

    - Jacqui Buttigieg | Teacher & Influencer | Pilates Republic

  • Hiromi Feitoza performing forearm stand alternative pose on unalome lotus cork and natural rubber yoga mat.

    "I love natural smooth touch of this beautiful mat. Whenever I practice yoga, it helps me to feel more grounded and reconnect with nature. It’s made of cork so it feels absolutely lovely and not too hard or too soft. It has nice grip but still smooth to practice split and other poses I need to slide my legs."

    - Hiromi Feitoza | Yoga Influencer | @hiromi_wellness_nz

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