Jonny with his hand on cork oak.

our story.

hey there ogies!

my name is Jonny and I'm the founder of OGI NEST®. In 2021, I had been suffering from multiple chronic injuries as a result from poor training technique at the gym. This was when I decided to incorporate yoga to improve my recovery, which resulted in the establishment of OGI NEST®.

to be completely transparent with you, I am not a certified yoga instructor, and I couldn't hold a one minute scorpion handstand, even if my life depended on it. But I understand the importance of yoga and movement, and I have grown committed to practicing consciously whilst teaching others about the impact that our everyday choices have on the environment and also our health.

I sometimes find that practicing yoga or doing the same sweaty mat workout 6 days a week can eventually feel repetitive and mundane. And so, with sustainability at the core of my values, I bring eco-friendly fitness products to life by means of unique, illustrative designs that are simply not available anywhere else on the market.